What kind of legal measures can I take when I am refused of entry at the airport in Korea.

Q. I am detained here at Jeju International Airport after being refused entry for travel. Can I claim for damages.The damages would include our air fares and other expenses related to our preparation in travelling to Jeju



Your case belongs to one of the following. 
1. When the passport and visa are not valid
2. When the purpose of entry is inappropriate for the status of residence;
3. When the period of stay is inaccurate with the purpose of entry;
4. When it is determined that a person is subject to an entry ban or refusal of entry (Article 11 of the Korean Immigration Act)
Entry is totally up to the discretion of the immigration officer. 
If the case does not fall in to these 4 reasons, then you may be able to claim damages but it takes time. 
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