[Petition Granted]File temporary writ of attachement before getting divorced.

[Petition Granted]File temporary writ of attachement before getting divorced.


Concluding a divorce proceeding ultimately results in the issuance of a final judgment, or legal order, that covers matters related to property division, alimony, and child custody if applicable. When it comes to property division, most divorce decrees direct the parties to follow specific procedures regarding property transfers. These judgements are court orders, so when one party refuses or fails to comply with a property award, that person’s former spouse can take steps to enforce the judgment. If you were recently divorced and have not yet received the correct portion of your own marital assets, it is important to contact an experienced property division lawyer who can explain your legal options going forward.

Temporary Writ of Attachment

Property awards can also be enforced through the issuance of a writ of attachment, which allows law enforcement officers to seize a non-complying individual’s property. Seized property will usually be held until the party provides an attachment bond, or money held in place of the seized asset, although courts also have discretion to order that the property be sold and the proceeds transferred to the petitioning party.


The Law office of Bom Lee is please to introduce another success cases where we filed temporary order to seize the asset before going to divorce. 


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